How To Overcome The Effective Cough Lost Sound With Ease

Have you ever felt the loss of sound due to a cough? It must be very uncomfortable. It also disrupts our daily activities. In fact, we will feel very tired just to try to make a sound. If so, unconsciously we will use sign language by hand. Although not adept, but it is enough to help make others understand what we mean when the loss of voice. Loss of sound usually occurs due to coughing with phlegm. A long-standing cough with phlegm does not heal inflammation of the vocal cords. Inflammation that occurs due to the process of further infection after coughing with phlegm and sore throat.

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For that, you also have to know the symptoms of sore throat so as not to affect the infection of the vocal cords. But if it is already affected by a sore throat there are some Drug Throat Drugs that you can before it becomes more severe. Before the sound is lost usually the patient will feel hoarse and sore in the throat. In general, the sound will return to normal by itself within 3 to 7 days. But if you want to quickly restore the sound quickly and safely, here are some ways to overcome the sound lost due to a cough you can try:

Gargling with salt water
With gargling the throat will be moister and can restore the vocal cords so that your voice will return to normal. While salt has a function to kill viruses and bacteria that make infection vocal cords and cough. Gargle regularly every time you wake up and before going to sleep until the sound returns to normal.

Drink lemon water and warm honey
A mixture of lemon juice and honey will alleviate the inflammation in your throat and vocal cords. Both materials have an antibacterial mixture and relieve infections. Honey is also believed to be able to calm and clean the blockage of the mucus in the throat. You can also consume 4 tablespoons of honey a day on a regular basis.

Warm tea and cinnamon
Cinnamon has antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties that are suitable for consumption when coughing and helping to restore your vocal cords. Add a tablespoon of cinnamon powder to a cup of hot tea and stir until well blended. Let stand a few moments until the heat is reduced before drinking. A mixture of tea and cinnamon can be taken three times a day to get maximum results.

Drinking ginger water

Ginger has a warming sensation when drunk. That way the vocal cords will feel more relaxed and can return to voice function. Try drinking ginger water in warm conditions.

Drinking water
How to cope with the sound lost due to the easiest cough is actually drinking enough water. You can consume water at normal or warm temperature. Not only can you recover your voice, drink water regularly and enough that 8-12 glasses per day can also help your body’s metabolic system.

If you like you can consume a garlic suing and add a spoon of honey. Consume a mixture of ingredients as much as one teaspoon each day with an additional 3 to 4 cups of water to remove the smell. But some people say that consuming garlic is dangerous for laryngitis. Therefore we recommend to first consult a doctor before trying this way.

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Mint candy
Throat lozenge or mint-flavored candy is usually the first choice when the sound begins to hoarse. But to get the optimal benefit we have to choose mint candy with 0% sugar composition. Because too much sugar will make the throat increasingly inflamed and itchy, consequently the sound was never recovered.

A warm body with sauna or yoga
The warmth will make our body more weeks. The vocal cords are part of the body so it is also necessary to make rules once in a while to work again properly. One way to make the body warm is sauna and yoga. Light yoga activities can be done when you are a sick cough though. Here’s a simple yoga activity you can do to help restore your prayer: sit on the floor, bend both legs, put both sides of the inner thighs or legs, place your hands above your knees and breathe deeply through your nose. After that breathe out loudly through the mouth, look up and stretch your fingers and remove your voice as best you can. Keep the sound coming from the diaphragm instead of the throat. Do it several times.

Enough rest
Break becomes a way of coping with the sound lost due to a last cough. To avoid the more severe inflammation of the vocal cords, it helps you to rest enough. Forcing speech will make the vocal cords worse and restore for longer. To avoid situations where you have to talk you can rest at home. If forced to speak, whispering becomes one alternative to reduce the use of your vocal cords.

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